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Mass Media on Tobacco Control: Recent Trends

Mass media, particularly Anti Tobacco Media Alliance (ATMA) is playing a very important role to reduce tobacco use in Bangladesh. They are working relentlessly together with tobacco control organizations in formulating, amending, implementing tobacco control law consistent with FCTC. Very recently, mass media along with anti-tobacco organizations, has played praiseworthy roles in Health Development surcharge management policy finalization. The mass media of Bangladesh has been extensively contributing in almost all the tobacco control sectors including finalization of the National Tobacco Control Policy and Tobacco Farming Control Policy, GHW implementation, TAPS ban, smoking-free environment creation, unveiling tobacco company ill tactics among others. The media monitoring data analysis of PROGGA from 2011-12 to 2016-17 clearly proves the contribution of mass media. The number of media pieces has been increased by 343 percent in 2016-17 than 2011-12. Also, the quality of coverage has improved substantially. Now the mass media is not bracketed only by events and day celebrations, it publishes news and reports, talk shows, investigative reports and editorials covering priority tobacco control issues.

The political pledge from the government for tobacco control is getting stronger. Anti-tobacco organizations, civil society and mass media are playing significant roles in the process. But if the national tobacco control program using surcharge fund is not designed and implemented, and the GHW is not implemented lawfully within the shortest possible time, tobacco-free Bangladesh by 2040, declared by the Premier, will be hampered. The mass media role is highly important here.

Periodical ‘Tamaker Khabor’

              Current Issue

The periodical is a compilation of selected published/aired media pieces of ATMA members. Along with the compilation, the periodicals also have analysis of the trends and issues of tobacco control coverage generated in the particular quarter. The media pieces were selected by an editorial group consisted of nine ATMA members.

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