Knowledge for Progress


Tobacco Control

Tobacco kills more than 14,000 people every day. Unless urgent action is taken, tobacco will kill 8 million people a year by 2030, 80 percent of them in developing countries. More…

SHAWYMBHOR CHAR :PROGGA’s Self- Reliant Char Initiative

Although Bangladesh has made a significant progress in poverty alleviation during the last one and half decades, some of its parts like chars and haor areas still remain ignored. More…


CED@P (Centre for Energy Dialogue@PROGGA) aims at contributing to pro-people energy policies in the context of environment, poverty and economic growth through facilitating constructive dialogues and enhancing capacities of the relevant stakeholders. More…

Participatory Democracy

Election manifesto is an integral part of election campaign of all the major political parties in Bangladesh. Traditionally, the parties come up with excellent promises and commitments in their More…


‘Knowledge for Progress’- with this philosophy PROGGA started its journey. PROGGA wants to spread the philosophy of knowledge from generation to generation through unfolding individual’s knowledge store in front of all. More…

Development Endeavor

The economy of Bangladesh remained largely agrarian, labour intensive and rural. Unavailability of capital as well as the differentiation of access to capital have a very deep root and can be trace back in the makeover of the current political economy of the country. More…


Various archaeological sites of Bangladesh remind us about our glorious past. These sites exist as the witness of ups and downs of the nation throughout many centuries. More…


The form and stature of social progress is largely contributed by culture itself. Social heritage and generosity acts as a vehicle of culture in socio-economic and political cycle and this resource of culture is ‘Classics’ (in Bengali ‘DHRUPAD’). More…

Living Beings

The primitive social system of any place is full of rich bio-diversity and usually was forest based. The forest was the safe shelter of flora and fauna. And forest and foraging based social system continued till the era of feudalism. More…

Tales of Creations

Creativity and innovation is a part of basic instincts and originates from the socio-cultural context of any society. This also contributes in flourishing the development of the society. More…


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