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The economy of Bangladesh remained largely agrarian, labour intensive and rural. Unavailability of capital as well as the differentiation of access to capital have a very deep root and can be trace back in the makeover of the current political economy of the country. Even after the initiatives taken in last few decades from the government and non-government agencies through different economic policies; classical and neo-classical, the problem remained pervasive throughout the country. The glittering side of a coin only shows the percentage rate of poverty reduction but the other side remained in the shade of vicious cycle of poverty which indeed in terms of the number population behind the poverty line remained alarmingly stagnant. Unnayan Uddog a research based approach originated to come up with a response to the inherent crisis of the current political economy of ‘access to capital’.

Instead of the availability of capital, interest rate along with associated service charges and identification of appropriate enterprises to invest is the key problem. Key research question of Unnayan Uddog resonates with the same. This action research intends to identify other options as opposed to the current discourse of micro-credit as a panacea applies in a ‘business as usual’ manner. The objective of this action research is to draw the attention of the movers and shakers of the policies and as well as ‘development practitioners’.

UDDOG is a research-based initiative of PROGGA evolved from this reality under the program of Development Endeavour.

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