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Tobacco Control

Tobacco kills more than 14,000 people every day. Unless urgent action is taken, tobacco will kill 8 million people a year by 2030, 80 percent of them in developing countries.
The harmful effects of tobacco on human health are now well known. Tobacco is probably the only legal product that kills people. Yet tobacco use is increasing and so it is increasing the deaths and diseases due to it. In Bangladesh as well, use of tobacco is not declining. Rather the use of smokeless tobacco along with smoking is increasing alarmingly, now it is approximately 43 percent of adults (age15+). The latest GATS Survey 2009 reveals that more than 40 million people in Bangladesh use tobacco. In addition, 42 million people are victims of second hand smoking. According to a study of WHO in 2004, at least 57,000 people die every year in Bangladesh due to tobacco related diseases, and few hundred thousand suffer illnesses and disabilities. Moreover, Government have to spend approximate BDT 5,000 crore to treat tobacco-related illness where as BDT 2,400 crore revenue earn from tobacco and the net loss count BDT2,600 crore.

The result? Widespread health, environment, economic and even social burdens. Particularly when women, young and poor people become ill from tobacco, it is even more challenging for these often-marginalized groups to lead productive lives.

Considering this reality, PROGGA undertaken an agenda to integrate the mass media of Bangladesh in the on-going tobacco control movement through different activities to create interests and enhance capacity of the journalists on tobacco control issues.

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