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The Movement for Implementation of Election Manifesto (MIEM) or Nirbachoni Ishtehar Bastobayon Andolon is trying to mainstream election manifesto in the national policy making process. MIEM aims to make the ruling political party accountable for their promises through continuous monitoring of their election manifesto. The ultimate goal of the Movement is to make sure that the policies formulated and implemented by the newly elected government sufficiently reflect the promises they have made in their election manifesto. MIEM started its journey formally in December 2008, just before the parliamentary election 2008. After the manifestos of the two major political parties were made public, MIEM conducted a quick survey and published a small book with the findings which were shared with the journalists and civil society representatives on 27 December 2008. MIEM was also formally launched at that meeting.

The parliamentary election 2008 resulted in a landslide victory by the Bangladesh Awami League (AL), who formed the government in the first week of January 2009. Immediately after the new government was formed, MIEM started its work on prioritizing the election promises made by AL. As part of prioritization, MIEM conducted a series of consultation at 60 places of 20 districts of the country to determine people’s priorities among the few hundred election promises made by AL. The places and the groups participating at the consultations were selected using a stratified random sampling approach to ensure representation of the major regions of the country and different socio-economic, cultural, religious and gender groups.

MIEM is a self financed initiative of PROGGA and PRDS.

Citizens Report 2009: People’s Priorities

Citizens Report 2009


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