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Amar Bangla- Through the Lens of Naib Uddin Ahmed

Amar Bangla is our tribute to artist Naib Uddin Ahmed. His photographs are our national treasures. We all have the responsibility of conserving those. We are pleased to be able to engage ourselves in the effort, although a tiny one, of accomplishing a small part of that huge responsibility.
Like any other artifact, photography also has aesthetic value. And that is why conservation of photography is so important. Especially, the State has a particular responsibility of conserving those photographs that preserve the beauty, the heritage, the history and the culture of our dear Bengal. For several reasons, our State could not accomplish that responsibility. But we cannot ignore. We do not have the arrogance of claiming that we are trying to do anything close to that responsibility of the state. However, we are trying to highlight the importance of conservation of photography with this tiny initiative of ours. And it is important to note why we have chosen the photographs of Naib Uddin Ahmed for this purpose. These extremely important photographs of his help us realize why we need to conserve photography as art.
PROGGA’s initiative titled Amar Bangla is trying to present the colorful life and work of Naib Uddin Ahmed through three different outputs produced under a single package. The three outputs are the following:

Documentary Film (Akti Nakkhatra Jage)

The film is based on the autobiographic interview of Naib Uddin Ahmed. In the film, he shares his views and thoughts on his work and also tells stories behind some of the photographs. He takes to on a journey through the places that he spent most of his life in. The film also includes tributes of photographs, artists and intellectuals who have known him through his entire life and through his work. All together, the film is a tribute to this great photographer.

Album of Photographs (Amar Bangla)

Amar Bangla

Amar Bangla is not merely photo images or documentation of the realities prevailing in this land. Amar Bangla is the Bangladesh in the thoughts of the artist; Amar Bangla is the artist’s arcadia.


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