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SHAWYMBHOR CHAR :PROGGA’s Self- Reliant Char Initiative

Although Bangladesh has made a significant progress in poverty alleviation during the last one and half decades, some of its parts like chars and haor areas still remain ignored. Around six million people of island chars are far away from mainstream development process. Income poverty and human poverty scenarios in the island chars are yet extremely alarming. Besides, natural disasters like floods, droughts, capital and investment crises, marketing problem, income scarcity, food deficit etc. are tormenting the char peoples from ages.

In view of the above context, PROGGA has designed a holistic development initiative for island char dwellers named “SHAWYMBHOR CHAR” by adopting a range of income and human poverty reduction measures.

LAGSHOI- PROGGA’s Entrepreneurship Development Supports @ Chars

LAGSHOI is one of the char-friendly endeavors of PROGGA under its SHAWYMBHOR CHAR initiative. PROGGA acknowledges that though the chars being surrounded with lots of problems, livestock rearing can be a potential income source for the char population as there have lots of natural endowments suitable for livestock rearing. However, lack of capital, higher interest rate, failure to invest for a prolonged period, capitalist attitude by the money-lenders, absence of organizational process, technical expertise and market information etc. are key constraints of the char dwellers to run livestock business commercially.

LAGSHOI, a char-friendly joint endeavor of PROGGA, JSKS and Char dwellers, aims at reducing income poverty of island char dwellers by ensuring cheap and smooth capital supply and providing proper implementation supports for administering livestock production. The initiative will run through a tri-party partnership. PROGGA (Knowledge for Progress) will provide all forms of entrepreneurship development supports; JSKS will be the local implementing partner and enlisted char dwellers will be considered as local entrepreneurs.

The pilot implementation period of the initiative has been set from July 2013 to 2016. The piloting might get an extension or cut short based on mutual understanding among the partners. Initially, the initiative will be implemented in the 6 island chars of Bera in Pabna district.

KASHFUL- PROGGA’s Education Supports @ Chars

KASHFUL is an education program of PROGGA under its SHAWYMBHOR CHAR initiative for island char’s children. The initiative aims at reducing human poverty of island char dwellers by offering free and quality pre-primary and primary education through setting char-based education facilities and providing stipend to prospective students for higher education. This program is also a joint endeavor of PROGGA and JSKS.

CHAR HITOISHEE- PROGGA Philanthropies @ Chars

CHAR HITOISHEE is a philanthropic scheme by PROGGA under SHAWYMBHOR CHAR initiative for island char dwellers. The initiative aims at providing humanitarian supports to island char dwellers to cope with different vulnerabilities like river erosion, excessive flood, cold wave and in the food deficit months.

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