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Ongoing Projects

Earned Media for Tobacco Control

As part of combating tobacco epidemic, the initiative tries to bring a positive change in the Bangladeshi media for greater appreciation and attentions on tobacco control issues trough enhance the capacity of journalists. In recent years, earned media on tobacco control has noticeably increased. More…

Media Monitoring for Tobacco Control

The Media Monitoring aims to regularly scan, compile and analyze the coverage of tobacco control issues in the Bangladesh media that include print, electronic and online. More…

Tobacco Control Fellowship

The investigative journalism fellowship program on tobacco control aims to intensify existing tobacco control advocacies (e.g. law amendment and tobacco taxation), by intensely scrutinizing the tobacco industry’s interferences against the tobacco control movement in Bangladesh. More…

Mass Media Campaign-2015 for Popularizing Smoke-free Policies

As part of Tobacco Control advocacy, PROGGA regularly conducts mass media campaign on different tobacco control priority issues through broadcast and print media. Currently, PROGGA has undertaken a mass media campaign More…

Survey on Patterns of Activities for Comprehensive Explorations (SPACE) of Mobile Phone Users in Dhaka 2014

This is an undergoing survey by PROGGA for the University of Tokyo. PROGGA, under the project, is responsible for carrying out household and community surveys to gather information on general demographic attributes, mobile phone ownership and calling behavior of the mobile phone users in Dhaka. More…


PROGGA is offering the following training courses for the development professionals and those who have a career plan in the development sector in Bangladesh. More…


Completed Projects

PROGGA has done a couple of research/projects/assignments from its inception, here mentioned some of its major assignments.

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