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PROGGA specializes in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies of socio-economic and cultural research. It believes in participatory approach of research and development. The team of researchers available at PROGGA includes economists, sociologists, anthropologists and statisticians among others. With the expertise and experience of this team, PROGGA is capable of conducting high quality researches on any of the following issues.

Issues Methodologies/Approaches
  • Livelihoodand Poverty
  • Fisheries
  • Market
  • Gender and Equality
  • Wellbeing
  • Trade and Development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Credit and indebtedness
  • Spatial inequality
  • Economics of Tobacco Control
  • Quantitative
    • Questionnaire Survey
  • Qualitative
    • Participatory Research e.g.
      Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)
    • Ethnographic research
    • Case studies

While specializing in the above areas and approaches, PROGGA always tries to be innovative in its research approaches. So instead of being dominated by particular methodologies or tools, it promotes innovation in the research methods without compromising the scientific quality of the research. Thus PROGGA is gradually developing an approach of ‘free research’ the essence of which is scientific research without prejudice to any particular method.

Major Recent Projects/Assignments

Self Funded

  • Movement for Implementation of Election Manifesto (MIEM ) under the program of Participatory Democracy.
  • Uddog an action research project under the program of Unnayan Uddog.

Client Financed

  • Baseline survey of the project “Creating Climate Resilient Communities: Bangladesh Lighthouse Project” for Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB), February 2012;
  • Media monitoring for tobacco control in Bangladesh, (May 2011-ongoing);
  • National Biogas User’s Survey 2010, conducted with IDE for IDCOL, March 2012;
  • Baseline Survey of PROGGATI (Promoting Good Governance among Tribal Inhabitants in Bangladesh) project for Green Hill (GH), July 2011;
  • Feasibility study for Children Development Program (CDP), October 2011;
  • Impact Study of Disaster Management Program of KOINONIA in Borguan, May 2011;
  • Study on Mapping Illicit Tobacco Trade in Bangladesh, for WHO and MoFHW, 2011;
  • Study on Hygiene and Sanitation for SHIREE funded by DFID, 2010;
  • Final Evaluation of Amader Adhikar Project of Shushilan in Satkhira, 2009;
  • Baseline Survey for Food Security Program of KOINONIA in Gopalganj, 2009;
  • Study of Federations for RDRS, 2008;

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